SCSI changes the game

SCSI’s new and innovative 4G, DirectConnect and DirectWireless monitoring services, bring together a magnitude of vastly improved communication solutions for the security industry.

DirectConnect is a secure and reliable 4G Fixed IP Sim service that connects field devices such as CCTV, Access Control, BMS, Medical or any IP device via a VPN connection. 

DirectConnect is deployed through a standard 4G router that connects to SCSI’s private and secure network. This enables the 4G router to have a fixed IP address at all times, removing the inconvenience of having to visit the site to reconfigure hardware should the network allocate another IP address to the device as is typically the case. Users can connect to their sites via the web, Software GUI, Android or IOS devices once they connect to their VPN.

Central Monitoring Stations can easily connect to remote CCTV equipment to carry out Video Verification on alarms as well as offering Virtual Guard Tours to increase revenue, reduce false callout fees and improve customer service.

As DirectConnect is an easy deployable solution that only requires a 4G router, it often means IT Departments don’t need to be involved. Whether you are looking to remotely monitor a building site with no infrastructure, have a location that doesn’t allow video or security data over their networks, or, require a low cost remotely managed network solution, then DirectConnect is a solution for you.

With flexible data rates on a month to month basis or fixed term contracts, DirectConnect really is a solution for all.

DirectWireless delivers high grade wireless alarm monitoring to over 95% of the Australian population and is ideal for high risk sites, as well as a ready option for most new or existing alarm systems that rely on traditional PSTN phone lines for communications. 

Unlike traditional dialler based monitoring across regular telephone (PSTN), radio or mobile phone services, DirectWireless does not suffer from network congestion or in any way share the public telephone network. This means that it does not share its network with systems such as traditional telephones, faxes or ADSL/DSL services and therefore can not be tampered with by hackers over PSTN internet type connections. DirectWireless is a totally secure IP wireless network dedicated for alarm monitoring only. There is no public access to the DirectWireless network and best of all, there are no phone lines to cut.

DirectWireless replaces this outdated expensive approach, and it provides a secure wireless IP alarm transmission system available with a running cost comparable to most PSTN dialler alarm systems. By connecting your alarms to one of the many authorized DirectWireless central monitoring stations, you can turn your investment into a far more effective security system.

DirectWireless is designed to meet AS2201.5-1992 Class 2, 3 and 4 alarm transmission systems, and interfaces to any standard alarm control panel, the product is perfect for any installation and provides a high level of wireless security.

‘Always On’ alarm monitoring

DirectWireless is a dedicated, wireless communications solution for alarm monitoring only. It reports all alarm, operational status, and event messages reliably, securely, and instantly to the alarm monitoring service provider any time and any place an alarm event occurs.

DirectWireless not only permanently connects your alarm to your monitoring service provider, but also regularly checks and tests the status of your alarm interface every 90 seconds or 24 hours depending on the service plan chosen.

This helps to detect any breaks between your alarm system and your central monitoring station. In the event of an actual incident, alarm messages are instantly transmitted across the DirectWireless network and acknowledged by your central monitoring station ensuring an immediate response.